Rental Assistance - Landlords & Renters

Rental Assistance - Landlords & Renters

  • Brian MacDonald
  • 10/7/21

THIS IS A MUST READ if you are a tenant who is behind on your rent or a landlord who hasn't been collect full rent. It worked for me so I thought I would spread the word.

Three weeks ago a tenant of mine and I applied for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP). Yesterday his entire $15,200 back-rent has been approved for payment! I will receive this money and his debt will be eliminated. A truly unexpected windfall and relief for all of us.

This is a Colorado government program. It is real. Below is a snippet from their front page and the link.

Here is the link:

I had heard how $47 billion was out there for this purpose and how only $3B had been distributed. I thought I would run into a lot of red tape or narrow qualification criteria. I didn't. It was straightforward, fair, easy.

In fact, their website kept us informed at each step of the process - submitted, under review, in QC, back for correction then approved.

I was truly amazed and grateful for the program. I hope it can help you if you need it.

I'm happy to answer questions on my experience with the program. Feel free to call.


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